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18/02/15 - 21/02/15 Spring Stampex February 2015




The six Working Sail Post & Go Stamps are printed in a vertical strip and overprinted with First Class values. They are brought to you on a visually stunning sheetlet that features a detail of the Herring Drifter ‘Briar’ by Alexander Harwood on the front and a short history of the Pierhead painters on the reverse.

Falcon By John William Green in 1897, in the fishing port of Fleetwood.
Briar Painted by Fish Porter Alexander Harwood in Aberdeen, 1907.
Harry By Reuben Chappell, who lived by selling paintings to seamen.
MargaretPainted in 1890 by Henry Lawson, a fisherman in Pittenweem.
Stag By George Race, who specialised in portraits of arriving trawlers.
Nell Morgan Painted by G Ramsay in 1886, who plied his trade in Norfolk.

Post & Go Stamps Technical Specifications
Design Osborne Ross
Stamp format /size Landscape 56mm x 25mm
Printer International Security Printers
Print process Gravure
Perforation Die-cut simulated
Phosphor Bars as appropriate
Gum Self-adhesive


The Stamp Set is available from Tallents House and will be overprinted with First Class values and a philatelic code in gravure, printed and inserted in a carrier card designed by Osborne Ross.

Falcon by JW Green, 1897
John William Green (1863–1951) was a keen amateur artist, working in pen and ink, watercolours and oils. He had a particular interest in painting and drawing vessels seen in


Briar by Alexander Harwood, 1907
Alexander Harwood (1873–1943) moved to Aberdeen in his twenties and worked as a fish porter for most of his life. He was a prolific amateur artist and painted hundreds of portraits of Aberdeen trawlers, working in watercolours, oils and gouache.


Stag attributed to George Race, date unknown
George Race (1872–1957) lived in Cleethorpes and specialised in painting portraits of trawlers arriving at the dock and would then sell his work to the seamen before their vessel left the port.

Harry by Reuben Chappell, date unknown
Reuben Chappell (1870–1940) was born in Goole and from an early age showed a talent for drawing ships. He made his living by painting ships and selling his oils and watercolours to seamen, first in Goole and then in Cornwall, where he became well known locally.


Nell Morgan by G Ramsey, 1886
Not much is known about G Ramsey, except that he lived in Norfolk and presumed to have been among the local 'pierhead' painters. He actively painted sailing vessels between 1856 and 1889.


Margaret by Henry Lawson, 1890
Henry Lawson (1872–1966) was a fisherman in Pittenweem who, as a teenager, earned extra money by painting boats. The Margaret was his father's first boat and was used for line-fishing as well as drift-netting.

Falcon by JW Green © Lancashire County Council Museum Service; Briar by Alexander Harwood used with kind permission of Lossiemouth Fisheries and Community Museum, photograph © Royal Mail Group Ltd 2015; Humber Sloop ‘Harry’ by Reuben Chappell © National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London; Margaret by Henry Lawson © Scottish Fisheries Museum Trust Ltd; Stag attributed to George Race © North East Lincolnshire Council, photograph © Royal Mail Group Ltd 2015; Nell Morgan by G Ramsey © Norfolk Museum Service.


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