The Royal Marines Museum, Southsea - 13/01/15 -

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17/09/14 - 12/09/14 Autumn Stampex

19/02/14 - 22/02/14 Spring Stampex


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13/01/15 - Ongoing The Royal Marines Museum



From 19 October, printings at the four Royal Navy sites will be updated to replace the current museum abbreviations plus add a location specific logo graphic to the Machin stamp design. The Union Flag stamp will just have the abbreviations replaced. New printings will be as follows:
The RNSM will change to RN Submarine + logo (Machin only)

Trafalgar Day
Royal Navy and Royal Marines machines will carry a ‘Trafalgar Day’ underprint on the Union Flag design from 19 October until 15 November.

The Poppy design from the Symbolic Flowers Post & Go set will be re-introduced from 19 October 2015.

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