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14/09/16 - 17/09/16 - Autumn Stampex September 2016




Issue Date: 14 September 2016

Beautifully illustrated by Chris Wormell. Sheetlet features all six stamps, overprinted with First Class values. Reverse offers a wealth of facts about our many ladybird species.

Seven-spot Ladybird - The iconic, bright red ladybird is one of our most common species.

Fourteen-spot Ladybird - This distinctive ladybird has square black spots and feeds on aphids.

Orange Ladybird - A colourful species that feeds on mildew found on deciduous leaves.

Heather Ladybird - This ladybird is most commonly found on heather heathland.

Striped Ladybird - This specialist species eats aphids found only on mature Scots pines.

Water Ladybird - Ladybird that is camouflaged in winter, then brightly coloured in spring to warn off predators


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