The British Postal Museum & Archive, London, WC1X 0DL
20 Aug - 20 Oct 2014


A fully functioning Royal Mail Post & Go machine was installed at the BPMA on 3 December 2012, it can be found in the foyer of the Royal Mail Archive.

Our Post & Go machine holds two different stamp designs, which are changed 3-4 times a year. The machine takes payment by credit and debit cards, and is only available to visitors.

Kiosk History A001

20/08/14 - 20/10/14 The B.P.M.A

24/03/14 - 28/03/14 The B.P.M.A

31/03/14 - 25/04/14 The B.P.M.A

28/04/14 - 19/08/14 The B.P.M.A


Up & Coming Events A001

24/03/14 - Present Permanent loan to The B.P.M.A in London





Stamps overprinted The B.P.M.A. Inland Airmail 1934 + Airmail Logo

1. First day of dual value (Euro 20g/World 10g) on Royal Mail Series II machine with The B.P.M.A. Inland Airmail 1934 + Airmail Logo overprint
2. On the first day, due to a technical problem, the machine could not print 2nd Class in collector strips of two (2nd Class + 2nd Large) instead strips of 6 (3 x 2nd Class + 3 x 2nd Large) to the value of £3.78 were printed. This was rectified on 27 August 2014. Collectors who wanted strips of 2 (2nd Class + 2nd Large) were given an option of handing over their collectors strip of six to the representative of IAR. In return collectors strip of 2 were printed using production machine at IAR's HQ. These machines have a capability of replicating and printing stamps of any Royal Mail Series II machines located anywhere in the country. In this instance the machine at IAR's HQ was set to replicate BPMA machine and collectors strips of 2 were printed and receipt dated 20 Aug 2014 which were sent to collectors. Collectors strips of 2 with receipt dated 20 Aug 2014 were NOT printed at BPMA
3. On 16 Sept 2014 due to technical glitch 1st Class and 1st Large were printed on 2nd class blue stamps. For detailed explanation visit

Kiosk: A001 Reel A: Machin
Overprint: Yes  Receipt: Coming Soon

Kiosk: A001 Reel A: 2nd Class Machin
Overprint: Yes  Receipt: Coming Soon


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